Return of the Canadian National Exhibition

The Labour Day long weekend is a bittersweet time for us. It marks the end of summer but also the start of shoulder season for travel, which is when we usually take our trips — including our highly anticipated visit to London and Iceland coming up very soon.

At least this year, we were able to enjoy the weekend by returning to one of our favourite events in Toronto, the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). Having been cancelled for the past two years on account of the pandemic, the city has been happy to welcome back this longstanding tradition and experience some normalcy.

The CNE is an annual fair that takes place over the last two weeks of August, culminating in the Canadian International Airshow on the September long weekend. It was founded in 1879, originally known as the Toronto Industrial Exhibit, intended to showcase agriculture and technology in Canada. Since then, it has grown and evolved into a the city’s most popular end-of-summer ritual.

This year and on visits past, we have enjoyed checking out games and rides on the Midway.

Watching the Super Dogs show.

Admiring displays at the Home & Garden Pavilion, including sand sculptures and entries for the flower and vegetable competition.

And the highlight — tasting the weird and wonderful foods that some crazy person has come up with. This year, we tried the ketchup and mustard soft serve ice creams, the Korean corn dog, and the deep friend Twinkie and Kit Kat. My review: the Korean corn dog was tasty with a surprising blend of sweet and savoury; the deep fried Kit Kat is better than the Twinkie; and the ketchup and mustard ice creams were pretty good and flavours actually not that weird.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed summer 2022! Next up, trip recaps from the UK and Iceland.