Hello! My name is Jess and I’m a 30-something traveller based in Toronto, Canada making my way around the world and documenting my adventures for all to see. This blog originated as a bit of an inside joke (hence the odd title) but has become an outlet for me to reflect on my experiences and preserve my memories.

Perhaps some of my shared experiences can serve as inspiration for places to see and things to do on your next journey.

I work in healthcare on a full-time basis but am fortunate to have several weeks of time off per year, which I like to fill up with travels. My travel style is typically mid-range budget and tends to involve a lot of food, along with some nature and wildlife thrown in too. I do a mix of planning my own itineraries and joining guided small group tours. I have a particular interest in engaging in responsible travel, and look for organizations that promote sustainable and ethical tourism.

So far, I have visited 5 continents and 18 countries, with hopefully many more trips to come.

Have any questions or ideas for this blog? Contact me!

❤️ ✈️ Happy travels,

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