Travel Blogger Q&A with Undaunted Adventure

Undaunted Adventure

One of my goals for Undaunted Adventure this year is to interview a variety of fellow travel bloggers, vloggers and podcasters. I’ll be releasing a Q&A each month, and this monthJess from I’ve Bean Travellingtook some time to answer some questions all about her blog, travel experiences and tips for future bloggers!

Based in Toronto, Canada, Jess has been documenting her incredible travel memories over the last few years on her blog, sharing her top moments, favourite foods, and giving her readers tonnes of inspiration to jet off on their own adventures around the Globe!

First of all, you’ve been to some incredible countries! Can you pick a favourite?

I’ve been fortunate to visit countries on five continents so it’s tough to choose a favourite! However, I would say that my trips to Asia have been the most memorable so far. If I absolutely had to choose my…

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