‘Coffee & Travel’ with Andy’s World Journeys

I was recently invited to participate in an interview with Andy over at Andy’s World Journeys. Check it out below, along with the rest of Andy’s amazing blog, which features stories from his incredible travels. He has been to some very intriguing places!

Today it’s an interview with Canadian blogging superstar Jessica who runs the caffeine-fueled travel blog – ‘I’ve Bean Travelling’.

Read more: ‘Coffee & Travel’ – an Interview with Jessica from ‘I’ve Bean Travelling’

5 responses to “‘Coffee & Travel’ with Andy’s World Journeys”

  1. Great interview! You said you’d like to visit Iceland someday… me too! xx

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    1. Thanks for checking it out! I hope we both get to visit Iceland one day 🙂

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  2. Congrats on your interview. It’s so hard to plan travel right now. The husband just got his school year schedule and we both have two-week Christmas breaks and, miraculously, the same spring break, but I’m afraid to plan anything!

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    1. Definitely hard. I have a couple weeks off in late November 2020, originally thinking that it would be possible to maybe go on a short Caribbean trip, but things aren’t looking so promising. I have nothing planned for the foreseeable future, even in 2021!


  3. […] Andy’s travel blog has been around for many years and I’m glad I’ve finally discovered it. He has travelled to an impressive 84 countries, some of which are really out there and include places I would personally never think to visit, like Burkina Faso and Kyrgyzstan. This is probably the most active blog I’ve had the pleasure of reading, with new posts just about everyday. Andy was even kind enough to invite me to participate in one of his travel blogger interviews. […]


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