On this day: Figueres, Spain

Many thanks to Andrew over at Have Bag, Will Travel for this great idea for a post. He has been writing a series entitled ‘On This Day’ where he recaps past travel memories on their anniversaries and I noticed that I, too, am due to celebrate a trip anniversary today.

On July 22, 2015, I was in Figueres, Spain.

Located in the province of Girona in northeastern Spain, Figueres is best known as being the birthplace of Salvador Dali. One of its most popular attractions is the Teatre-Museu Gala Salvador Dali, translated as the Dali Theatre and Museum. It displays the single largest and most diverse collection of Dali’s works, including paintings from all decades of his career, various sculptures, three-dimensional collages, and mechanical devices. A particular highlight is the anamorphic living room installation with custom furniture designed to resemble the face of Mae West when viewed from a certain point. Interestingly, and also somewhat creepily, Dali himself is buried in a crypt below the stage at the centre of the museum.

3 responses to “On this day: Figueres, Spain”

  1. oh i love it! Dali is an artist I would like to know more about! And what a great idea for posts, especially right now!

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    1. Dalí was definitely a fascinating artist and his work is always intriguing! And yes, it was fun to take a trip down travel memory lane.


  2. […] a short stop in Figueres, we moved onto Cadaqués, an adjacent town in the province of Girona in northeastern Spain. It sits […]


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