Travel Challenge: Day 7

Thank you to Angela at Suitcase Travel for nominating me for the Travel Challenge.

Today’s photo is featured not only on this blog, but also in a certain Hollywood film about a giant gorilla. Can you tell me where it is?

The Travel Challenge involves posting one favourite travel photo each day, and then nominating someone new to join in. That’s 10 days, 10 travel photos, and 10 nominations — without any explanation.

Today, I nominate Sue from Beyond The Miles to participate. Please link back to let me know if you accept the challenge!

18 responses to “Travel Challenge: Day 7”

  1. Ooh. This is tricky. It’s got to be either Vietnam or Laos. I’m going to say Vietnam.

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      1. Unfortunately, I can’t get more specific than that, but just knowing I nailed the country will have me floating on a cloud all day. 😉

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    1. It’s not Ha Long Bay, but has been referred to as “Ha Long Bay on land” 🙂


      1. Ooooh that was tricky! And interesting! We also have the same-ish spot here in the Philippines (in El Nido/Coron in Palawan).

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  2. So beautiful, is it Lee River?

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    1. Where is Lee River? This view is actually in Vietnam 🇻🇳

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      1. Oh, Lee River is in China. Where in Vietnam? We missed this one.

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      2. This was in Ninh Binh, similar landscape as Li River based on what I see on Google Images. It’s well worth a visit if you’re ever back in Vietnam!

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  3. Somewhere in Vietnam?

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  4. Well I was going to guess China and the Li River so I’m totally wrong on this one!

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  5. Truly one of the best places to visit!

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  6. Tran An fantastic boat trip.

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