Travel Challenge: Day 3

Thank you to Angela at Suitcase Travel for nominating me for the Travel Challenge.

Can you tell me where today’s iconic view is found?

The Travel Challenge involves posting one favourite travel photo each day, and then nominating someone new to join in. That’s 10 days, 10 travel photos, and 10 nominations — without any explanation.

Today, I nominate L & K from Wandering Canadians. Please link back to let me know if you accept the challenge!

8 responses to “Travel Challenge: Day 3”

  1. This looks like Rome with all those ancient ruins. Such a fascinating city with so much history. I read an article this morning about how Italy is seeking an engineer to rebuild the floor of the Colosseum. Many thanks for the nomination. I likely won’t participate as I have so many posts to finish up. That’s become my real challenge these days! Take care.

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  2. I’ll guess with the 2 above, must be Rome.

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  3. Looks a lot like Rome, specifically Palatine Hill? Not looking at what others guessed! 😉

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  4. is it Tokyo Disney Sea????? 😛
    Merry Christmas!

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    1. I just looked up Tokyo Disney Sea. That place looks cool! 😜


  5. That’s the Roman Forum! I was there 4.5 years ago and I’m dying to go back!

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