Travel Challenge: Day 2

Thank you to Angela at Suitcase Travel for nominating me for the Travel Challenge.

Can you guess where today’s photo was taken?

The Travel Challenge involves posting one favourite travel photo each day, and then nominating someone new to join in. That’s 10 days, 10 travel photos, and 10 nominations — without any explanation.

Today, I nominate Anita at 100 Country Trek. Please link back to let me know if you accept the challenge!

11 responses to “Travel Challenge: Day 2”

  1. Have not been there, but could it be in Pamukkale ?

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    1. Not quite, take another guess! Think South America… 😉

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  2. Google photos show Maya saline fields in Mara, Peru. Actually, I travelled in Peru but never heard of hem

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  3. Somewhere in Bolivia? We’ve been to the slat flats in Peru and it was nothing like this. Looks amazing.

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    1. They are actually the salt flats in Peru! It was the Maras Salineras – is that where you went? It was smaller than I thought but I guess I managed to work the camera angles to make it look more impressive 😛

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      1. No it was near Paracas and not very impressive so we didn’t go to Maras Salineras, but now I wish we did.

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  4. That is so amazing – I want to go there……

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  5. wow its just amazing! wish i went there now!

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  6. jasonlikestotravel Avatar

    Gorgeous wherever it is 🙂

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