Revisiting history in Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City is the capital city of the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec. Sitting on the Saint Lawrence River about 250 kilometres northeast of Montreal, it is not quite the buzzing metropolis as its urban neighbour, but still has much to see.

When I visited in November 2014, I spent most of my few cold and gloomy days in the city within Vieux-Québec (Old Quebec). This historic neighbourhood and UNESCO World Heritage Site comprises Upper Town and Lower Town, which are delineated by their positions relative to the promontory of Cap Diamant.

French colonist Samuel de Champlain established Upper Town as the site of Fort Saint Louis in 1608, the city’s military and administrative centre which was later occupied mainly by British government officials and Catholic clergy following the British Conquest. Meanwhile, French and English merchants and artisans resided in Lower Town.

Today, Old Quebec remains the only North American city to have retained its ramparts, together with numerous bastions, gates, and defensive works — forming an urban ensemble which is one of the best preserved examples of a fortified colonial city.

9 responses to “Revisiting history in Quebec City, Canada”

  1. I was hoping to revisit Quebec City earlier this year (and eastern Canada, in general), but alas the pandemic happened…here’s hoping I can go someday soon, especially when it looks so quaint and gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Quebec would be a great place for you to visit. An opportunity to use your French again!

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  2. I can only agree with the title of the article, to visit Quebec City is to visit history. It is amazing that the old buildings have remained in spite of changing fashions.

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    1. I really enjoyed exploring the historic architecture. Hopefully I can return during a warmer season so that I can see more and take some better photos 🙃

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  3. Its a great city. Was there in 2004 wish I could remember more of my time there,

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    1. Hoping to go back next year. Fingers crossed!


  4. We stayed there for several nights on a road trip years ago. Very much enjoyed it and would love to go back. A few years ago, while staying in Leadville, CO, we made friends with a couple who live near Quebec City. We kept in touch and about two years ago they stayed with us on a road trip they were on. We hope it won’t be too long before we can get back to Quebec and visit them. It’s a great town!

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    1. It’s so nice to meet people while travelling and be able to keep in touch. Hope you can return to Quebec to visit them again sometime soon. I’m hoping to go back next spring or summer…fingers crossed 🤞🏼

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