On this day: High Line, New York City

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On December 4, 2017, I was at the High Line in New York City.

After our morning at One World Trade Center enjoying views from above the city, we headed toward west Manhattan for a stop at Chelsea Market for lunch. This was followed by an afternoon stroll on the High Line, a 1.45 mile long elevated linear park, greenway, and rail trail constructed on a former New York Central Railroad spur.

The High Line originates in the Meatpacking District, running from Gansevoort Street through Chelsea to the northern edge of the West Side Yard on 34th Street. Its design was inspired by the Promenade Plantée (tree-lined walkway) project in Paris, integrating landscape architecture, urban design, and ecology.

Accessible via 11 stair and elevator entrances, the park features art installations and naturalized paintings inspired by plants growing on the disused tracks, along with views of the city and the Hudson River. It is open daily until 7 pm in the winter, and until 11 pm in the summer. Since its construction in 2009, The High Line has become an immensely popular attraction for tourists and locals in New York, inspiring cities throughout the United States to redevelop obsolete infrastructure as public space.

12 responses to “On this day: High Line, New York City”

  1. We were there in 2015 and did the High Line in the opposite direction 😀😀😀 For me it was probably one of the best things to do in NY … Thanks for bringing back that memory 😃

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    1. I really enjoyed this walk as well. Great views of the city and interesting to see how they repurposed this abandoned infrastructure.

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  2. I also really enjoyed my stroll on the New York High Line. I can think of two reasons for its success, firstly the possibility of walking a long distance without having to cross a street. Then the unique angles that are offered on the city, overlooking the street, being halfway up the buildings, a bit like a bird.

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    1. I always enjoy your reading your insightful comments! The elevated walk is indeed very nice without being interrupted by crosswalks, and the views were certainly unique.

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  3. Love the highline! They must rotate art along the route because the installations I found were all different. A good reason to visit again.

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    1. Yes, their website is now highlighting several installations that I didn’t see while I was there. Great spot to revisit.

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  4. so this is liked an elevated walkway? it looks awesome!

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    1. Yes, exactly, it’s elevated so you get some interesting views of the city and Hudson River!

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  5. I seem to have missed this when I was there almost a decade ago. Another reason to go back. The husband recently said he wouldn’t mind spending Christmas in NYC one day. I bet the high line would be awfully chilly then.

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    1. Early December was pretty mild. I doubt it would be any worse than a Minnesota winter. 🥶

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