Searching for memories of Boston

As I often do these days, I was browsing my old photo albums and came across a small collection from my trip to Boston, United States back in spring of 2012. I visited the northeastern American city for a short weekend to attend a conference, and stayed at the Sheraton Boston Hotel downtown.

Regrettably, I really did not see much of Boston on this brief trip, despite having invested in a cross country flight all the way from Vancouver, Canada where I was living at the time. I only managed to fit in a short walk through the Back Bay and Fenway neighbourhoods, rode the “T”, and saw a handful of notable sights from the outside. These included the Boston Public Library, Boston University Theatre, and the gigantic Christian Science Center on the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Huntington Avenue.

If I ever make it back to Boston someday, my bucket list includes:

Walking the Freedom Trail.

Exploring Boston Common.

Visiting Boston Public Gardens.

Watching a ballgame at Fenway Park.

Touring Harvard University campus.

Finding the best clam chowder, lobster roll, and Boston cream pie.

Lots more eating!

What are your recommendations for things to do on a trip to Boston?

12 responses to “Searching for memories of Boston”

  1. You have been blessed with a beautiful blue sky. There is so much to see in a big city like Boston that it is difficult to visit it all at once.

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    1. I agree, it probably deserves about a week of sightseeing without being distracted by work and conference presentations!

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      1. One week in Boston, sounds like a dream 🙂

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  2. I hope you make it back here to Boston some day! There is do much to see in my beautiful little city!

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    1. I hope so too, and I’ll have to check out your blog for more recommendations on places to see!

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  3. I haven’t gone back to Boston since 2007. Memories are fuzzy, but I remember wandering Quincy Market, as well as having massive lobsters at a historic restaurant with no name. Also, lobster rolls=perfection. 🙂

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    1. I’ll have to add Quincy Market to my list. I don’t think I’ve ever had a particularly amazing lobster roll, definitely want to try!

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  4. one of my favourite cities in the USA

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    1. I wish I had seen more of it. Next time!


  5. I’ve long wanted to go there. The husband and I considered it for our upcoming mid-October break, but ultimately decided against going anywhere – especially a big city – because of COVID. Ugh.

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    1. COVID ruining everything 🙁

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  6. […] in Massachusetts and New York. The ornate stained glass windows were made by American artists in Boston, Massachusetts, and European artists from Chartres, France and Birmingham, England. Spanning an entire city block […]


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