Preparing for Thailand & Laos

In April, I’ll be going on my first trip to Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand and Laos. I decided to join a small group tour with Intrepid Travel, having heard some good things about them. It’s also my first time heading out in this direction, so I thought I’d pay the premium for an organized tour to have the ease of accommodations and itinerary being arranged for me, although I have read that Southeast Asia is relatively easy to plan independently. Maybe for the next visit!

Mr. Chuckles will be joining me for the Thailand & Laos Adventure which is a 13 day tour traversing northern Thailand and Laos, from Bangkok to Vientiane. We’re adding an extra day in Bangkok at the end and spending it in style!

There are a few free days and we’ve planned the following extra excursions on our own:

Now if only April would come sooner!

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5 thoughts on “Preparing for Thailand & Laos

  1. Wow. Iโ€™m going on my first trip to SE Asia later this year, too. I havenโ€™t blogged about it yet, but I could use your opening paragraph almost word-for-word, except the month and touring company. (Donโ€™t worry, I wonโ€™t plagiarize you. ๐Ÿ˜Š) But seriously, exactly the same feelings. Oh, and my trip is Laos/Cambodia instead of Laos/Thailand. Dying to go to Thailand though. Looking forward to reading about your trip. Peru, too.


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