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  • Streetview Sunday: The hills of San Francisco

    Coming up this week, I’ll be posting some detailed recaps of my trip to San Francisco in 2019, as part of my On This Day series. For now, here’s a preview featuring one of the most iconic aspects of this west coast city. San Francisco is defined by its hills, which give rise to the […]

  • Departing Iceland from the Blue Lagoon

    I‘ve probably written the words amazing and incredible a million times by now, but our trip to Iceland really was awesome. After our tours through the Golden Circle and south coast, it was time to wrap up our visit to this magnificent country and head back home to Canada, which felt like another planet away. […]

  • South Shore Adventure in Iceland

    Our sightseeing tour of Iceland had gotten off to a great start with our trip around the Golden Circle. On our second full day, we joined another tour with Arctic Adventures to see more of the south coast. Again, we had amazing views during the drive as we headed southeast out of Reykjavik. Iceland’s climate […]

  • Touring the Golden Circle & Secret Lagoon, Iceland

    Following a disappointing Northern Lights tour with no aurora visible, we were keen to start our sightseeing tour of Iceland. We awoke early for our 8 am pick up by Your Days Tours (a subsidiary of Arctic Adventures) to embark on our small group minibus tour of the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle is Iceland’s […]

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Hello! My name is Jess and I’m a 30-something traveller from Toronto, Canada making my way around the world and documenting my adventures for all to see. Also, I like to eat.

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