Life in Colour: February – Yellow

Thanks to Marie from HopsSkipsandJumps, I was introduced to HeyJude’s Life in Colour Photo Challenge. Each month, she posts a photo theme and this year will be focused on colour.

Colour affects us all – it can ignite our senses, change our moods, our perceptions, our choices of what to wear or how to decorate our homes and even how we think of places – from the grey, hazy blues of a winter sky to deep cobalt blues of a summer sea; fresh, bright greens in spring or grey-green olive trees and blue-green eucalyptus; a bright red ladybird; freshly fallen snow; an orange butterfly or a pretty pink painted house.

In February, we are looking at Yellow. It took a while for me to sift through my albums, but I was able to find a small collection of this sunshine shade amongst my travel photos. This will also be the inaugural post for the new Photography section of this blog.