Photographic memories of Grenada

While browsing travel Twitter, I came across the blog of Giselle in Motion, who has been posting about the highlights of Grenada. This inspired me to look back at the photos from my trip to this Caribbean island back in 2015. Boy, have smart phone cameras improved over the past five years! Excluding a couple taken by my artistic friend with her DSLR, many of the shots in my collection seriously look like they were captured using a potato. I did do some editing, albeit limited by the functionality of the iOS Photos app, and managed to make a few of them more presentable. Enhance. Enhance.

Grenada is located in the West Indies, at the southern end of the Grenadines island chain. Besides the main island of Grenada, there are an additional six smaller islands that lie to the north. It is relatively small, with a population of about 112,000. Nicknamed the ‘Island of Spice’, Grenada’s greatest claim to fame is its production of nutmeg and mace crops.

A group of friends and I spent a week in Grenada on a resort vacation after finishing our final exams. We travelled via Air Canada Vacations and stayed at Grenadian by Rex Resorts, a 3 star all-inclusive venue that has apparently since been refurbished and rebranded as The Royalton. The amenities weren’t extravagant by any means, but were decent enough and met our budgetary restrictions as new grads.

We were pretty active during this week that was initially intended as a lazy lounge vacation. We signed up for excursions nearly every day, including an island tour with visit to a nutmeg factory and rum distillery; snorkeling; hiking to Seven Sisters Waterfalls; a nighttime walk on the beach to observe giant sea turtles nesting; golfing on a very dry and curvy course; and an evening at the local street food market. Of course, we still spent plenty of time by the pool and on the beach, swimming in the Caribbean Sea and sipping on pina coladas. Ah, to be back in those days.

7 responses to “Photographic memories of Grenada”

  1. Now that is a place I haven’t been .. Perfect way to escape the winter.

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    1. It was springtime but rainy and gloomy here at home when I went, so it was still a nice escape! Grenada is an underrated island destination. 🙂


  2. A wonderful secluded place. It seems you have a great time !😊🙌

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  3. looks very nice indeed!

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  4. We’ve traveled to Islands in the West Indies on a few occasions now, but yet to visit Grenada. Looks like another beautiful island to visit one day soon. Great post and photos, with a wonderful hotel recommendation. Spotted your post on Twitter and have saved for future reference. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading! Hope you get a chance to visit there someday soon.


  5. […] stayed at, although my only other point of comparison is the modest Grenadian by Rex Resorts in Grenada. The 1,775 room hotel is set on the white sands of Bávaro Beach fronting the Atlantic Ocean, […]


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