Blog milestone: 1000 followers!

If you look at the sidebar on this blog, you will see today that I’ve Bean Travelling has now surpassed 1000 followers, including a combination of WordPress, email, and social media subscribers. In general, I haven’t done much blogging about blogging, but this is noteworthy enough for me to warrant a dedicated post.

In honour of this milestone, I took a look through my WordPress analytics and uncovered some interesting stats on the progression of this blog since its inception in February 2019.

Analyzing I’ve Bean Travelling

I have written a grand total of 105 posts, starting with my first entry about planning a trip to Thailand and Laos. My average post length is 769 words, with 33,839 words written in all.

The blog has received 14,213 unique views and 3714 visitors. The best views ever occurred on October 18, 2019 although there were no new posts that day.

The blog’s most trafficked day and hour is Sunday at 9:00 pm.

Most readers are referred from Google or WordPress Reader. The most searched posts are either the review of my Intrepid tour to Thailand and Laos, or the recipe for Gรขteau Basque.

The majority of the subscriber count is from Twitter, currently sitting at 773 followers. This is followed by WordPress, then a smattering from Facebook and email. The blog is also linked up with Pinterest and Instagram but the follow counts from there do not get added onto the widget, for some reason.

The most fascinating analytic to examine is the geographic distribution of my readers, who come from close to home in Canada to as far away as Azerbaijan. Well, I guess the furthest away is technically New Zealand, but Azerbaijan seems more exotic to me!

My first WordPress subscriber was RTW Roxy and the most recent was Wanderlustig, both great travel blogs. Thank you to both and all the others who are making this blogging experiment so much fun!