Photo essay: Life in lockdown

A few photos to reflect daily life during these extraordinary times.

Riding eerily empty subways to work at the hospital.
Social distancing at Tim Horton’s.
Walking past shuttered playgrounds and parks.
Spending quiet nights in.
Venturing out for the occasional takeout pickup.
Starting barbeque season early.
Taking creepy photos.
Working on my travel scrapbook and dreaming about future adventures abroad.
Finding a little message of hope amidst the chaos.

Stay home and stay safe, folks.

11 thoughts on “Photo essay: Life in lockdown

      1. Do you like your grill? The husband has kinda always wanted one, but he won’t give up his traditional Weber (nor will I – it’s what gives me grilled pizza) and I’m not allowing two grills in the yard.


      2. We just got this and it’s great. We bought a bunch of accessories to go with it including a pizza stone and there’s even an attachment that can convert it into a pizza oven. It’s pretty fancy and would definitely be a big upgrade from the Weber! I agree with you in not allowing two grills in the yard…so a sacrifice would need to be made ๐Ÿ˜‰


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